On Wed, 2016-09-28 at 15:44 +0200, Jehan wrote:
> I also remember I encountered the problem that the bug reporter had: 
> paths "disappearing" after creating them 

Yes, I admit I don't often use paths in GIMP, and realise now that this
is a large part of why - I have a perception that they are unreliable,
buggy, flaky and hard to control, tht they vanish randomly when you
don't expect it! But really they're wrking as designed. I hardly ever
remember to click on the eye because there is no eye - it's invisible
in most themes until you click on it. Inkscape does that better with a
closed eye and an open eye - there's no indication that if you click
the blank area the path will appear. The weird empty space in the paths
dialogue also adds to the perception of bugginess.

Note, I'm not saying there are any bugs, or that the paths are
especially hard to use, but only that I had that perception because
they kept vanishing.

> > That could he a preference. or maybe a better solution would be a
> > menu
> > entry "View>Show active path", and a hot key with that.
"Always show active path" might make sense in the tool options for

> - I have to double-click the selected path to actually have its
> contents visible again and be able to edit it.
I had no idea - double clicking switches to "edit mode"?

For sure there's room for some improvement in the UI here.

I agree it'd help to make them visible by default on creation, just
like layers.


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