Hello. I am experiencing with GIMP 2.7.4 to draw ribbons with color bands. To 
do this I created a colored rectangle to use as a brush from the clipboard.
I think the best way to explain what I've done is showing this picture 
(download and open with GIMP to view alpha channel):

I've used in the two ribbons from top the Paths Tool and then the Stroke Path 
(Pencil) with Brush Dynamics (Track Direction and Velocity Tapering). The three 
tapes that are below, I've drawn by freehand and different dynamics.

Now, the problem and reason for my question is that as you can see in the 
picture, the results are not good. There are imperfections mainly in the 
central band, and the problem is most evident  when using Track Direction. Is 
there any way to get better results, especially using Track Direction?
Thank you. (Sorry for my English) 

YAFU (via gimpusers.com)
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