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>If working with photographs, you should be converting to device
>specific CMYK as late as possible in the process and keep things in
>more device independent color spaces like RGB for as long as possible.
>Similar to how you should not be saving intermediate copies to very
>lossy JPG.


If working in advertising company, where most media are printed, photographs 
have to fit in CMYK color range. RGB files are only source images. Some works 
needs extra colors like CMYK+1, CMYK+2. Problem is that Adobe divided it's 
suits pack's into web and printing design, and GIMP is now pointing into 
photography, not into all professionals needs. I would like to say my boss that 
there is open source software that can be run into production process, with 
great abilities, but since it can not make such simple thing like multichannel 
or even CMYK editing I can not do it.

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