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> Question: can I change the splash somehow so it doesn't exclaim gimp
> on the load?


    GIMP  comes  with  a  default image for the splash screen but it allows
    system administrators and users to customize the splash screen by pro‐
    viding  other  images.  The  image to be used with the splash screen is
    chosen as follows:

    1.     GIMP tries to load a random splash  screen  from  the directory

    2.     It then falls back to using $HOME/.gimp-2.6/gimp-splash.png.

    3.     If  the  user  didn't install any custom splash images, a random
           image is picked from ${datarootdir}/gimp/2.0/splashes.

    4.     As a last resort, GIMP uses the default splash image located  at

I am unsure where $HOME/.gimp-2.6/ resides on a non-linux system, but
you get the idea...

I hope this helps,

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