mik...@staldal.nu (2011-11-15 at 2032.43 +0100):
> On 2011-11-15 17:43, GSR - FR wrote:
> >Yes, look in preferences, you can configure where you want the files
> >to be written; so point to a RAM based FS there. Another trick would
> >be using symlinks to redirect the directory structure (useful for apps
> >that do not allow configuration). Linux tmpfs is backed by swap, so it
> >could hit the disks anyway.
> BTW, why does GIMP have this swap folder? Why doesn't it just
> allocate all memory it needs and let the OS do the swapping?

OS swap is, normally, fixed size, and in some cases even zero (at OS
level it is a cushion, not a fix, and sometimes really bad if the
system becomes unresponsive). With own swapping files, it can swap
more, without affecting other processes, until the data partition
fills up.

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