>I just noticed a serious UI issue. Say I'm zoomed in and am creating a
>complex freehand selection. I'm now selecting stuff at the very top of
>the canvas, and I happen to miss a bit and touch the 'ruler'. Suddenly,
>GIMP switches to the move tool and I've lost the whole selection! Does
>anyone know if this behaviour can be turned off? 

>(I know I can turn off the rulers, but it's annoying having to turn them
>off and on all the time since they are sometimes useful.)

Using Gimp 2.6.11 and PCLOS

What happens here.

This only happens if the image completely fills the window and with the 
scissors or paths tools, the free select is not affected. A solution might be 
to increase the size of the window so that there is a border. This does mean 
that high zoom levels are not available.

Next strange effect. The path tool is ok, go into the border and the generated 
selection follows the edge of the image. The scissors tool, going completely 
into the border and the selection snaps to 9 pix into the image. Keeping the 
tool exactly on the border even at high zoom does work.

I would say, maybe, if you are using high zoom so no border available + shaky 
hand, then steer clear of the ruler and finish off with quick mask.

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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