unham...@fsfe.org (2011-11-26 at 1323.00 +0100):
> I just noticed a serious UI issue. Say I'm zoomed in and am creating a
> complex freehand selection. I'm now selecting stuff at the very top of
> the canvas, and I happen to miss a bit and touch the 'ruler'. Suddenly,
> GIMP switches to the move tool and I've lost the whole selection! Does
> anyone know if this behaviour can be turned off? 

You are probably starting the process to add a guide (you have to drag
into the image for the guide to appear, and you can drag them to the
guides to remove them). If you lose the marching ants, that is a bug;
if you lose the widgets to create a selection, that is the normal way
it behaves. It could be nice if the selection tools would not lose
previous half done selections.

For now, you should be able to move the image to get some extra
padding and avoid misses (also great when working with paint tools, as
it allows starting the stroke outside). Use MB2 (or hold Space? I
always forget, that one is "compat" mode) to pan around the window,
instead of the scrollbars.

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