To developers,
My overall impression is that it is in good shape, definitely on its way to 
2.8, I didn’t conduct a 

thorough enough test in order to make some sort of verdict. But here is my 
brief feedback of some of the features.

I love the single-window-mode; I fiddle a lot with the mouse and computer 
keyboard when I use the computer so it’s very good to have this mode.

The sliders are nicer.

Good with sliders for selecting brush sizes. Better now with sliders and less 

Good with both Script-fu and Python-fu filter sub-menus.


I am not that keen on not allowing save of other formats than .xcf and have 
jpg/gif and pngs saving go to export....

I am quite a sloppy user that uses keyboard and shortcuts and thus I normally 
quite quickly press ctrl-s to save (for old habits from general PC application 
paradigms since many years) and not allowing me to save the current work in 
.jpg and .png format will annoy me.

Anyway I do think that GIMP is lovely software and I am impressed by the 
passion and skills of all you who puts effort in this software, thank you.

One last thing,

I read in a technical magazine just this week that adobe now actually has 
announced a ‘shake and motion blur’ removal algorithm, to be added to their 
product. That is something that I understand has been debated amongst image 
processing engineering for quite a while and has been considered to be almost 
unachievable, but obviously now there are demos proving really good results 
based on multiple edge detection and calculations of how traces of the edges 
are found and then algorithms will get the images clear again. According to the 
magazine the results were amazing.

But I do appreciate that it could be extremely tough to make it generic and 
even to get it going in this project could be considered for 2.9 versions 
perhaps ?

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