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> I have a png file that has some letters, the letters are blurry after the
> scanning and I would like to enhance the tone of the letters, the letters
> are black and the document is in many colours but black. How can I isolate
> the black, thus the letters, from all the other colours and then enhance
> the colour black so that the letters are thick and solid. ****
> ** **
> ** **
> Thanks in advance.****
If you scanned a black and white document in colour and don't mind losing
all the colour, a quick fix is turning the png to Grayscale and then
increasing Brightness/Contrast to your liking.

If you have colours other than black that you'd rather not grayscale:
- use the rectangle tool to select the text,
- reduce Saturation (several tools in the Colour menu do this) until it's
all some shade of grey rather than colour,
- then fiddle with Brightness/Contrast until the black is an acceptable
black and the white is the appropriate white to match the rest of the

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