As far as I can tell you are trying to maintain most of the information of the scanned image, just enhance the letters.

First, without seeing the actual image I'm not sure if this can help you, but maybe it will give you some ideas.

What I would do is (I'm writing this just remembering, some options may be named differently):

   * Duplicate the layer
   * Play with the level tool (in the new layer) until your text is all
     clear (no matter the images)
         o For this you can press the left mouse button on any point of
           the image to see what part or the historigram belongs to
           what part of the image, so you can make the letters black
           (down) and the rest white (up)
         o You probably want to change the level from "smooth" to
   * Add layer mask -> Grayscale copy of the image
   * Invert the mask
   * Paly with the level tool (but now in the recently created mask)
     until you are happy with the result
   * Export/Save or merge layers and there you have

Also instead of playing with the levels tool you can just use posterize, but I usually don't like the hard edges that you get with this.

Hope that the explanation was not too bad and can help you at least something and good luck!

     - mIKEL

On 11/12/11 21:07, Arbol One wrote:

I have a png file that has some letters, the letters are blurry after the scanning and I would like to enhance the tone of the letters, the letters are black and the document is in many colours but black. How can I isolate the black, thus the letters, from all the other colours and then enhance the colourblack so that the letters are thick and solid.

Thanks in advance.

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