On 12/24/2011 11:29 AM, phanisvara das wrote:
> thanks, that's useful. i've never thought much about this
> vignetting stuff. just was something we did routinely with larger
> prints, because the lenses tended to loose light toward the edges.
> the way you describe it, it can be used as a creative tool, not
> just subtle final polishing.

Yup, in some photos where the composition is weak and the eye is not
naturally drawn to the subject, vignetting can save the image. 
Other times, a photo that naturally looks like it has already had
the effect applied, can be made to "pop out and say WOW" by pushing
that effect a tiny bit further.

Other times you have to break out the clone and smudge tools and
start removing distracting objects... a last resort in most cases. 
Rarely as I use it, thank God and the developers for the perspective
clone tool.  And thank Robert A. Heinlein for teaching me that the
objective is not a "perfectly accurate" image, but rather, to "fool
the eye."

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