>The GNU Image Manipulation Program will only be able to repair its
>image by changing its name.
@ Daniel,
You may be right about plastics but there's something far more important to 
degradation of analog slides or negatives.
The colors are "made" during the development and consist of UNSTABLE chemical 
compounds.Depending on how it's stored and the atmosphere these chemicals might 
change color.
Furthermore the layers which contain the info are gelatin.
This slide doesn't show it but this gelatin layer is often eaten by bacteria.
In the past there were a few manufacturers which used organic colors,if I'm not 
mistaken Perutz was one of them.Their slides/negatives were stable.

Now for repair I think you could use "Select by color",cut and then use the 
"Heal tool" to replace the cut part by surrounding colors.
Another way would be to use the "Free select" tool to cut the green parts by 
hand and then use the "Heal tool".
If you use the Free select tool don't cut everything at once,do it in small 
I would use Free select.
Good luck.

gerard82 (via gimpusers.com)
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