Hi everybody. I think that the best name from names which have been proposed is 
«Imagine», but it hard to pronounce and harder to make verb from it than from 
GIMP (especially in Russian and Ukrainian).

Compare: «GIMP it» and «Imagine it».

GIMP is nice name. Not only books have been named in honour of GIMP, you forget 
about GTK. Furthermore for people who dont speak english natively word «gimp» 
not associate with something. Other meanings of this word I've known from this 
mailing list. In the other hand for many people who know something about this 
program «GIMP» associated with bad non professionl and not useful tool.

> Chimp: GNU Image Manipulation Program (the acronym does not have to
 match perfectly!)
> Chimp: Charismatic Image Manipulation Program
> Chimp: <Clever CH* or C* H* words here> Image Manipulation Program
> Prima: Practical Image Manipulation Application
> Prima: <Clever PR* or P* R* words here> Image Manipulation Application
> Image: Image Manipulation Application by GNU E*
> Imagine: Image Manipulation Application by GNU I* N* E*.
> Oriaa: Open Raster Image Alteration Application

Why it should be a abbreviation? Why other name should be in the same style 
that current name? Look on other styles too.

And I think that new name should start from «G» letter in honour of old name, 

PS: sorry for my English. If I've made some awful mistakes, please write me 
about it.
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