>>PIMP - The Photoshop-like Image Manipulation Program
>That one gets my vote, but only if the acronym can stand for
>"Primary Image Manipulation Program."  After all, the title should
>be as accurately descriptive as possible.

>IMO the idea that GIMP is somehow "chasing after" or "trying to be"
>an Adobe product is very dangerous, and it comes straight from
>Adobe's marketing department.  I happen to LIKE the difference, and
>by like I mean, the differences have a positive impact on my

>Does Gnome try to "be" the latest Microsoft or MAC desktop
>interface?  Does VLC try to "be" Windows Media Player, or Amarok
>aspire to "be" iTunes?  Do the users of these tools feel compelled
>to name a commercial package that does roughly the same things every
>time they mention the tool they DO use?

Fully agree with that. Includes word «Photoshop» in name is big self disrespect

> My vote:  leave it alone.

Also agree with you. However rebranding would not prevent.
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