Hi there 

I think I may have posted this question into the wrong thread.  Hoping someone 
can help me.  I have become quite fond of GIMP and use it to make posters, 
images and colouring pages for my classroom.  I recently was given a new HP 
Probook 4530s with Intel Core i5 processor and it is running Windows 7.  I 
tried to download and install Gimp 2.6 but when I start up I get an error 
saying:  The procedure entry point libintl_setlocale could not be located in 
the dynamic link library intl.dll.

On the Gimp FAQ - it says that this is a fault connected to HP machines and 
that a broken app placed the file in the system32 directory.  It also says that 
I should rename the file and it should work.

I am not quite computer savvy - so I would like someone in the know to help me 
out here.

1.  What should I rename the file to?  And should I move the file from the 
system 32 folder to like some Gimp folder?

2.  Some other HP user said that renaming the file interefered with some Logon 
User Interface - I am not going to pretend like I even understand what this 
means - but it reads as if merely renaming the file caused something else to 

Like I said earlier - I am very naive when it comes to computers and how they 
work so may I please ask someone who has successfully resolved the problem to 
talk me through step-by-step (I mean like seriously treat me as if I am someone 
who has just learned to turn a PC on) on how to fix this problem.

I sont even know what to rename the offending system 32 file.  Is that intl.dll 
file the system32 file for windows - or does it contain all the files for Gimp 
including legitimate Windows files.  Uuuurgh - so confusing.
As far as I can see when I start up Gimp - all the plug-ins and things like 
web-browser.exe files cannot be found.  I dont know what registry items and all 
that in-the-know pc speak is all about.  I really need my hand held on this. 

Can anyone help out a naive schoolteacher in Africa with this?  Anyone?  Sorry 
if I posted this twice by accident (told ya - dumb pc user I am!)


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