On 01/17/2012 03:17 PM, Jay Smith wrote:
> Problem:
> The stamps are currently scanned on a black background (for lack
> of other color possibilities; the final goal is on a black
> background). After scanning, the background is selected and turned
> to 100% black to have greatest contrast for the object.  When a
> stamp has a postmark that crosses the edge of the stamp paper, the
> color of the postmark (usually dark or black) is very close to the
> color of the scanning background and thus when the background is
> selected, the selection "leaks" and "follows" the postmark onto
> the stamp.  We have to manually exclude those "leaks" from the
> desired selection area.

Hey Jay,

The first thing I would try is obtaining a set of backgrounds with
strongly saturated colors, like colored construction paper, to
select background colors that are not present at the edge of the
stamps themselves.  Then I would turn on the Fuzzy Select a.k.a.
"magic want" tool to select the background area by color - with the
Tool Option tab open in the dock.  Adjusting the Fuzzy Select tool's
threshold (way up) might get you where you want to be in selecting
the background, and all of it, so that when you fill the selection
you will get all of the background with no "halo effect" or
unacceptable degradation of the edge of the stamp itself. 



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