This post is for HP users who are struggling to get GIMP to install correctly.  
All credit for this goes to Rene from Sydney (on this forum) who gave me 
step-by-step instructions on how to to get the installation problems sorted out 
for HP computers.  (Eternal thanks to you!!!!)I am reposting the instructions 
here for other HP users who are having the same installation problems - maybe 
we could have these instructions in the FAQ of the GIMP website. I dont know 
about anyone else but just renaming the file didnt work for me - however this 
worked like a magic trick.  Again - this solution must be credited to Rene.

Here Goes:

1.  Deinstall GIMP 2.6 (If you tried to install and got the entry point error)
2.  Open computer/C-drive/Windows/System 32 and search for intl.dll
3.  Rename the intl.dll file to intl.bak
4.  Close the "System32" window
5.  Download and install GIMP 2.6 - when it has installed you might get the 
same entry point error message again - exit through all the entry point windows 
until it launches the "incomplete" programme (this means when the programme can 
open a blank canvas, but cant do much else because of all the missing .exe.
6.  Close GIMP
7.  Open computer/Local Disk C/Program Files (or whereever your pc saves your 
programmes to)
8.  Search for GIMP-2.0 and open.  Open bin. Search for intl.dll and copy the 
9.  Paste the "intl.dll" file into GIMP-2.0/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins and close 
10. Go back into computer/local Disk C/Windows/System 32 and search for intl.bak
11. select and rename intl.bak into intl.dll.

If the system does not allow you to rename the intl.bak file because it is 
"open".  Shut down and restart your pc and then try again from step 10 (this is 
what happened to me but restarting Windows allowed me to change the file name 
back to intl.dll

So far I havent noticed or encountered any other problems with GIMP by copying 
and depositing the intl.dll file from its bin to it's plug-ins.  Its starts up 
perfectly and as far as I have managed to test - all the functions seem to be 

I hope this helps this HP users who are as naive as me when it comes to 
fiddling with computers and are struggling for step-by=step instructions.

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