On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Simon Budig <si...@budig.de> wrote:
> Your distinction between these two cases is not exactly true. Even when
> you distribute an unmodified Gimp you're required to provide the
> sourcecode to your customer on request. The easiest way of course is to
> provide the sourcecode archive on the same medium you use to distribute
> the Gimp binary, even without the customers request.

Wrong. Nowhere does it say that YOU must personally make the source
code available, only that it must be available. In this case, the
source code already happens to be readily available all over the web.
Only if you modify it and then distribute a binary based on the
modified code must you provide the modified source code.

Thank you for your request. The source code you asked about can be
downloaded from http://www.gimp.org";

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