>Am 23.02.2012 13:53, schrieb gerard82:
>> Do you have "xf86-input-wacom" installed?
>> And is your kernel configured for wacom?
>> W/o these NO graphic tablet will work,CLI or otherwise.
>As said, I have an Aiptek 6000-U tablet, not Wacom. I have the aiptek
>kernel module installed, loaded and I get the kernel input events from
>it - See the evtest log in my first post.

>There is no "...-input-wacom" package for SuSE11.3, but I think X11 is
>ok, too, because I get the message in Xorg.0.log that an Aiptek tablet
>was found and the tablet is working - absolute mode with pressure

>My problem starts with GIMP. I have to press, the lift the button on the
>stylus to start drawing (with sensitity!), but then there is no way to
>end drawing using the stylus. Sometimes it doesn't work at all, and Gimp
>globally locks up the left click on my trackball, until I click with the
>special tablet mouse on Gimp's menus. Switching tools with the keyboard
>while in "Stylus Mode" doesn't work either.

>Kind regards

>       Jan
I use Gentoo Linux.
You're right about wacom.
In the Gentoo repository there is "xf86-input-aiptek" available.
The wacomtablet program explicitly supports your tablet.
Before I installed wacomtablet I used bash scripts to change things on my wacom 
CLI will only work when xf86-input-whatever is installed.
You can then issue "xsetaiptek list devices" I think.

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