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>> Hi, All
>> I just downloaded v2.8, installed it (Windows 7 Pro, 3g RAM, dual 1.66g 
>> cores, 120 G HD) and as I expected, it didn't work. I got the same results 
>> when I tried the various versions of 2.7. The installation seemed to go fine 
>> ut when I started it I got message after message about missing dlls, most of 
>> which were in the folder already. I went and downloaded the few that were 
>> actually missing and tried again with the same results. 

>Which DLL's?

>Is it a HP machine?
I get the same thing on a Dell/Windows. This seems to be a common problem and I 
can't find a good answer anywhere. I've tried renaming an often offending dll 
in the System32 dir., uninstalled and reinstalled and can't figure this out.

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