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> Subject: [Gimp-user] GIMP 2.8 per Windows, problem with the color picker
> Sorry to be not very clear. I'm referring to the eyedropper in the 
> "Foreground change color" and the issue is present

> also if I click the eyedropper in the one-only layer picture. Try it.
> Thanks
> Bye
> Francesco

You mean holding down Ctrl with a paint tool to activate colorpicker mode?  
Tried that and worked perfectly - unable to reproduce the described behavior.

In a single layer image with no transparency, always picked the pixel's color 

In a multi-layer image with or without transparency, always picked the pixel 
value from the active layer only, it had no effect (retained previous picked 
color) outside the active layer area.  Found no apparent way to make the 
colorpick modifier (as opposed to the colorpicker tool) sample from all layers.

Another very important note:  Transparent pixels within a layer still retain 
their original color value.  If, for example, you paint a HSV spectrum onto a 
layer and then erase it to transparency, the colorpicker will still pick the 
color pixels from it.  Which brings to mind that the default "color" for a 
transparent area is black.

-- Stratadrake
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