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>Some common culprits:

>(1) a colour management bug (especially on Windows)

>    To see if this is affecting you, go to View->Display Filters
>    Select Colour Management and uncheck it, and use the left-pointing
>    arrow to move it out of the active filters.

>(2) 3d desktops (especially on Linux)

>    disable compiz, or choose a theme that does not feature
>    transparency.  Some of these themes mean everything gets
>    drawn multiple times.

>(3) if gimp slows down during use, try (3a) making sure the tile cache
>    size is at least close to the available memory you have - e.g.
>    on an 8 Gigabyte system I have a 7 G tile cache; (3b) in the Undo
>    History dock, click on the "clear undo history" button at the bottom
>    of the dock, and see if gimp gets faster. This slowing down will
>    probably be fixed in gimp 3.0.

>(4) drink less coffee. Gimp may seem slow if you have too much coffee.

>(5) Number of CPUs/threads mis-detected on some platforms - go to
>    Edit/Preferences and check that Number of Processors to Use is not
>    more than the number of processors you have.


None of the above solved the sluggishness, hope the developers sort it out.

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