I just opened up GIMP and to my horror it had been changed completely without 
my consent. 

 question: I assume this was some sort of automatic update. How do I 
turn that off, so that I have control over whether or not I want to 

Second question: How do I go back to the previous 
version? I absolutely HATE this new version of GIMP. I can't find basic 
functions, because they've been moved.

I was trying to do a quick
 project, and I really don't appreciate being forced to learn a whole 
new set up. I'm appalled to find that my program's been changed without 
giving me any choice in the matter, and then having to sign up on a 
listserve to fix the problem. Why not set up a forum, where we can 
subscribe to just the thread that's relevant to us? My love affair with 
GIMP appears to be coming to a swift end here....

Thanx for any
 insight to help make this functional for me again.

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