Maybe he would rather want to use Image: Colors -> Color to Alpha and
save the image in PNG. This suggestion would work for removing the
white background and replacing it with transparency. Then any decent
browser would show the webpage in the transparent areas.

2012/6/22 Christen Anderson <>:
> If I understand what you're talking about, the "crop" functionality in the
> "Tools" pane should do the trick =)
> ~Christen
> On 6/22/2012 2:28 AM, Madhatter wrote:
>> I have a square picture with a blank background. I would like to cut off
>> the background so that i only have the real picture in the file (so that
>> background will show around my picture when i use it on a homepage)
>> could somebody please give me a little direktions... i know this is a real
>> newbie problem but i dont know where to begun
>> regards
>> Morten
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