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>> I'm wanting to get different views of a 2D image
>The computer doesn't know what's on the other side of the image.

>I've seen software that tries to guess, but it doesn't (and can't) do a
>very good job from a single image.

>The way multiple images, e.g. of a car from different angles, are
>produced is either (1) photograph it from different angles, making lots
>of separate pictures to use, or (2) make a 3D model of the car, e.g. in
>Maya or Blender, and then ask the computer to "photograph" the model
>from different angles and under different lighting conditions.

>Alas, the computer also can't make a picture of a person's face by
>starting with a picture of the back of their head... :-)

>Hope that helps.


Thanks for the info.

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