>I just installed my wacom bamboo pen and touch CTH-470, and, like many people, 
>pen pressure sensitivity isn't working. I installed the driver for the tablet 
>and it's all ready to go, but when I go to Gimp 2.8 and try to configure the 
>tablet in the "input devices" section, I see "core pointer" in black, and then 
>"Tablet Port:HID, Dim 5500x4000..." and it goes on. Now, I'm quite certain 
>that that is my tablet, but I'm seeing people say they have the bamboo pen and 
>bamboo eraser present but greyed out.

>I'm panicking a little, can anyone help?

I have a P&T too, and it works perfectly in GIMP-2.8 (running on Fedora 17 plus 
some dependencies); here are some tips:

* When the device is greyed out, it usually means GIMP found the device before, 
and still remembers about it, but cannot find it any more. Perhaps it worked in 
GIMP-2.6, and GIMP-2.8 copied the configuration files from there, but the 
device is no longer visible.

* If you compiled GTK+ yourself, remember to add the "--with-xinput" parameter 
to the "configure" script, or GIMP will not find your tablet; this little 
detail drove me crazy for many, many hours.

Hope this helps.

eduperez (via gimpusers.com)
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