2012/7/30 Gary Montalbine <gmontalb...@cox.net>:
> On 07/29/2012 09:44 PM, Owen wrote:
>>> Gimp 2.8.0. Mageia2. When using the rotate option in transform tools a
>>> very annoying grid pops up. This has never occurred before. It appears
>>> to be useless as it rotates with the image. How can I remove it?
>> In the tool options for the rotate tool, set guides to "No guides"
> Thanks. Unfortunately I can not find that option anywhere. I do not see it
> in tools. I still have the guides.

That option is in the tool options. If you closed the corresponding
dialog, open it again with a double-click on the tool icon or with
Image: Windows -> Dockable dialogs -> Tool options. And don't close it
again, it's useful!
Olivier Lecarme
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