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> Hi
> This thread supplements  " Gimp-2.8_Save and save as bad behavior "
> discussion
> As I explained, I want to keep choice with save and save as, that's why I
> left gimp-2.8 and  went back in Gimp-2.6
> Comparison Gimp-2.8  Krita & Photoshop is interesting.
> http://userbase.kde.org/Krita/Manual/ImportExport

Speaking of which, it just so happened that Calligra Suite 2.5 was
released today, and so I fetched Krita 2.5 to see for myself again.

'File/Open' opens all supported files as new images.
'File/Import' does absolutely the same (sic!).

'File/Save' saves to any supported file typefile, lists all file types
in the filter
'File/Save As' saves to any supported file type and switched to the
newly created file
'File/Export'  saves to any supported file type under a different name
and sticks to the current file name (usually it is called Save Copy

Saving multilayered data to JPG doesn't warn about potential lost
data. Nor closing that file does.

Knowing Krita developers I would assume they did all of this for a
reason. However this is certainly not how I want my image editor to
work, so I 'm glad we can all find editors that work the way each of
us likes.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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