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> Hello,  
> Is there a way to select all the layers in the Layers Window?  is:
> I've got a GIF animation that's comprised of 590 individual layers, and
> to work on specific layers, It'd be convenient to be able to hide all
> the layers other than the layer I'm working on - maybe with a dialog
> under Layers>>Stack>>Select all Layers>>Hide, or an "eye" checkbox at
> the top or bottom of the Layers window that would select all layers,
> thereby allowing me to "unhide" the selected layer by checking the "eye"
> ,(show), checkbox of the relevant layer.
> Currently, the only way I know of to work on a specific layer within
> such a stack is to move the layer to the top of the stack so it becomes
> the  visible layer, perform the work, then return the layer to its
> original location.
> Thanks

Why not read the wondeful GIMP manual? It is even translated... ;-)


Layer visibility

    In front of the thumbnail is an icon showing an eye. By clicking on
    the eye, you toggle whether the layer is visible or not.
    (Shift-clicking on the eye causes all other to be temporarily


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