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Is there a way to select all the layers in the Layers Window?  is:
I've got a GIF animation that's comprised of 590 individual layers, and
to work on specific layers, It'd be convenient to be able to hide all
the layers other than the layer I'm working on - maybe with a dialog
under Layers>>Stack>>Select all Layers>>Hide, or an "eye" checkbox at
the top or bottom of the Layers window that would select all layers,
thereby allowing me to "unhide" the selected layer by checking the "eye"
,(show), checkbox of the relevant layer.

Currently, the only way I know of to work on a specific layer within
such a stack is to move the layer to the top of the stack so it becomes
the  visible layer, perform the work, then return the layer to its
original location.

Why not read the wondeful GIMP manual? It is even translated... ;-)


Layer visibility

     In front of the thumbnail is an icon showing an eye. By clicking on
     the eye, you toggle whether the layer is visible or not.
     (Shift-clicking on the eye causes all other to be temporarily
The word "temporarily" is misleading. The other layers remain
hidden until their eye icon is clicked. However, this is hardly worth
a bug report.
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