On Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:03:28 +0200, Jakob Neumann wrote:

> I have asked MEDION already, but they said, I have to
> ask the software producers.

Try this: uninstall GIMP 2.8, then run the 2.8.2 installer with /32
parameter (to do this, press the Windows key and R on keyboard, so that the
Run dialog opens; then click Browse and find gimp-2.8.2-setup.exe; back in
the Run dialog add a space and /32 at the end of Open field and click OK). 

This'll install 32-bit version of GIMP instead of 64-bit one if you have
64-bit Windows. If the tablet works now, you should contact the
manufacturer, and request 64-bit drivers for the tablet.

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