I have had more fun the past few weeks with Gimp then anything Ive used the 
computer for in a really long time.  I tried to install something I found 
online called Gimp Paint Pro.. Opps.. Now my Gimp install is crashing and it's 
never ran so poorly. Many brushes are double installed and I try to delete them 
and the program is crashing terminally.  This is obviously not good. I really 
liked the brushes and added content but dont know what Ive done wrong at this 
point and just found this webpage. I hope you guys can direct me what I need to 
do? I suspect a new install is in order but is there such a thing as Gimp Paint 
Pro? Thats what I enjoyed the most about Gimp was the free form creative 
ability it offers. Im still learning the functions and would really like to get 
it working again soon as possible.  Thanks in advance - Joe at 

icemankfc (via gimpusers.com)
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