Am 04.10.12 15:31, schrieb lakmar:
I have downlaoded and unzipped brushes in the following directory:

Library->Application Support->Gimp->brushes

I am not able to see them in Gimp, after i restart.  What is it i am doing 

Hi lakmar,

first go to the menu and choose Preferences/Folders/Brushes. Then look at the right pane.

Alternative 1 (Use default user brushes path):
The first item in the path list should be something like /Users/YourUsername/Library/GIMP/2.8/brushes/. That's the default place for user brushes. Put your brushes in there, go to the 'Brushes' dockable dialog (Windows/Dockable dialogs/Brushes) and hit the 'Refresh brushes' button on the lower right. If that doesn't work, then restart GIMP.

Alternative 2 (Add a new user brushes path):
Add /Users/YourUsername/Library/Application Support/GIMP/brushes to the list on the right hand side and activate it (put a tick before it). Put your brushes in there, if you haven't already done. Restart GIMP.

Kind regards,

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