I have created an animated gif with 30 Frames/Layers that runs in the 'Loop 
Forever' option.

I now wish to convert this GIF to run in the 'Ping-Pong' option but cannot 
figure how to do this without going through the whole ‘Extract Videorange’ 
process again as this is the only place that I can find that will allow me the 
option of selecting 'Ping-Pong' when I’m selecting the short clip to create the 
GIF from the original AVI.

I have tried opening the GIF in the main GIMP window, then selecting the 
‘Video’ dropdown then ‘Move Path’. This will open a window for some GIFs, but 
it wont recognise other GIFs as a valid source. Even when I can get this window 
to open it gives multiple error messages and I can’t figure how to import the 
GIF into it so that I can select the 'Ping-Pong' option in the ‘Step Mode’ 

I am using GIMP 2.6.11 as I haven’t upgraded to the new version yet.

Any help will be appreciated.

Lorgach (via gimpusers.com)
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