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>> Hi everyone,
>> I am a new user and this is my second day using GIMP. I am doing this 
>> (http://newbiedm.com/2008/11/22/newbiedm-tutorial-counters-tokens-or-pogs/) 
>> tutorial using GIMP in stead of photoshop.
>> The first day went slow because I usually don't use editing software like 
>> GIMP, but today I encountered some difficulties I can't seem to solve.
>> My problem:
>> After I created a curved path, I make a text and let it follow the curved 
>> path I just created. This goes well, but I want my text filled. To do this I 
>> try to select my text using the 'path to selection' option I get after right 
>> clicking the text-path in the toolbox. After I did this I get an outline of 
>> the text, but it isn't a moving kind of selection (with Moving I mean the 
>> moving outlines). The outline of the selection is static. Since I have the 
>> static outlines, i am unable to fill the text using the bucket feature (it 
>> gives a circle with a line through it).
>> I succeeded in filling the text-paths of two other images so I am wondering 
>> what I am doing wrong. I watched multiple tutorial video's on the making of 
>> a curved text and I am doing everything just fine. The only difference is 
>> that they have a moving outline and my outline is static. What could be the 
>> cause of this? If more information is needed, I'll gladly give it. I am 
>> using GIMP 2.8.2

>Check your Layers. I think that what is happening is this;

>- you create the curve path somewhere in the image
>- you create the text anywhere, possibly far from the curve (because you 
>don't want it in the way)
>- your invoke "text to path" so you get a text path where your put the 
>guide curve
>- your invoke "path so selection" to create a selection from that path
>- but your active layer is still the "Text" layer you created with the 
>text tool, far form the curve, and therefore outside of the selection, 
>and this is why the dotted selection outline is static. In other words 
>there is no pixel in your active layer which is also inside the 
>selection so nothing can happen.
>- the fix: create a new layer to receive the fill, or select your actual 
>target layer.

Thanks! It worked like a charm!

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