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> If you have ever taken a close look at printed currency, there is
> usually a particular style of engraving that goes on there.  It
> follows the contours of the image being presented, for example

You could try filters->distort->engraving, but I have had very little
success with it because it does not follow the image.

With a lot of effort you could rotate different parts of the image and
apply the filter, and then join the parts by hand-drawing, I expect.

If you look very closely at money in a country where the money is hard
to forge (not the US :-)) you'll see the engraver's lines are sometimes
actually made of lines of really tiny text, too.

An alternative is to find an engraved portrait and modify it a little,
e.g. see http://www.fromoldbooks.org/?kw=portraits for some old engraved
faces on my Web site.


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