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> Help!
> I've got my Gimp stuck.  Something happened and it gets stuck in
> the file dialogue.  It will open recently used files, but goes into
> a brown study on File->Open or File->Save-As and the only way out
> is force-quit.  This Gimp 2.2 on an older Fedora box.  Any clues
> how to get it going again?

GIMP 2.2 is ancient history. GIMP 2.4.x, GIMP 2.6.x and GIMP 2.8.x
were released since then (and the GIMP project was criticised for having
a long release schedule). I don't think it's still supported and I would
imagine your Fedora version to be very old too.

You really should upgrade, because you are risking much graver problems
than GIMP getting stuck in the file dialogue (among them getting a huge
security risk exploited and your system compromised). See:


Otherwise, if you're not going to upgrade, then I personally refuse to help
you any further from the reasons that for all I know it could be a problem in
your old and unsupported set up. See:




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