On Thu, 2012-10-18 at 12:07 +0100, Jonathan Allen wrote:

> I've got my Gimp stuck.  Something happened and it gets stuck in
> the file dialogue.  It will open recently used files, but goes into
> a brown study on File->Open or File->Save-As and the only way out
> is force-quit.  This Gimp 2.2 on an older Fedora box. 
If you can upgrade, do so. Buy more memory if necessary.

If not... see if you can open other files with other gnome programs such
as gedit.  Most likely causes -
. your hard drive is failing
. there's a network file system mount that isn't responding
. gimp has arthritis. Massage some celadrin, glucosamin sulphate and
some IP6 onto the soles of its feet. :-)
. run gimp under strace or under gdb and see what it's waiting for. This
generally requires some technical systems knowledge to interpret the
. be *much* more specific about "it goes into a brown study". Is the
study carpeted? Are there leather-bound books? Does the file chooser
window appear or not? If it appears what does it look like? Are we to
read your mind? Does it make a difference what colour socks you are
wearing? Was your system previously on a network? Are any file systems
full or nearly full? Are you running any other programs or services?

It's pretty hard to support software this old (it was released in 2004),
and you must be prepared to give a LOT of information.


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