I'd like to be to select a layer groups and copy them over to another 
pre-existing image.

I've been struggling with this for an hour or so, and I haven't found a way to 
do this.

Is is possible to do this in GIMP?

The closet I've found is a kind of paste where you do this: drag the tab of the 
origin image over to the tab of the target image. The result is a new layer in 
the target image called "dropped buffer". However, the entire origin image is 
imported flattened.

I've been trying other drag and drop operations, but without success. Usually 
when I drop the selection to the target image, the icon under the mouse 
dissapears, and nothing actually happens.

I thought this might be a window manager problem. But I get the same results 
across kde, gnome and xfce.

bobdobbs (via gimpusers.com)
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