On 10/25/2012 10:53 AM, komsinica wrote:
I am using Gimp to create worksheets for kids learning a foreign language.  I 
would like to make my text dotted so kids can trace it to practice writing.  I 
am using a Cyrillic alphabet so a dotted font is not an option for me.  It 
would have to be done by manipulating the text.

Thank you very much.


I would suggest completely rethinking your approach to the problem. Sometimes the answer is in simplicity.

Consider either printing the text in a _pale_ color, or if you only wish to use "black" printing, consider setting the "color" of the text to a light "color", but printing it on a black printer -- the result will be some shade of gray.

The students could then trace around the outside of the pale color / gray text.

Would this work and solve the problem without having to create anything special?

Furthermore, this solution does not involve Gimp or any image program. You can do this in any word processor program.

Best of luck. Educating children in different languages is very important work -- something that has been mostly forgotten in the USA.

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