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>> All right, so. I've had GIMP ever since the latest version came out,
>> and it hasn't been up to this very day that it's given me an error
>> when loading, annnnd it's never happened before. Ever. It's some crud
>> that tells me "Runtime/C++ Error" and that it needs to terminate.
>> Sooooo... what the heck do I do? Am I not going to be able to use GIMP
>> anymore? .__.

>Are you using Windows? 

>And does it say anything more than "Runtime/C++ Error" ?

Yeah, Windows Vista.

And, yeah - that stuff's basically gone away since I've re-installed it again, 
but now it says it has to do something with the GIMP shortcut in my "bin" 
folder, so I thought 'Oh, okay...' and clicked on the GIMP 2.8 icon for it to 
load from there.. but it gave me the same error, the one that I just mentioned, 
and it always has something to do with "terminating in an unusual way", 
'thanks' to Runtime. I'm looking through all my folders now, but there doesn't 
seem to be a problem.

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