> That would actually work almost quite as well if one can get the script
> only
> to do things at the nodes. Possible?
Sure - here is a script that labels each point of a node:


The key chunk you are interested in is here:

        ; get all the points in the path as a ((x1 x1) (x2 y2) ...) list
        (while (< counter numstrokes)  ; for each stroke in the path
          (set! points (caddr (gimp-vectors-stroke-get-points inPath
(vector-ref strokelist counter))))

          (set! numpoints (/ (cadr (gimp-vectors-stroke-get-points
inPath (vector-ref strokelist counter))) 6))

            ((pcount 0))
                    (while (< pcount numpoints)
              (set! pointlist (append pointlist (list (list
(vector-ref points (+ (* pcount 6) 2)) (vector-ref points (+ (* pcount
6) 3))))))

              (set! pcount (+ pcount 1))
          (set! counter (+ counter 1))

Of course, it needs a few defines up front....

-Rob A>
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