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On 14 Dec 12 20:19 Barry Say <barr...@nspipes.co.uk> said:
> The size of the image will remain the same in cm but its size in 
> pixels will change.  I often do this to publish scans on the 
> internet. I regularly scan stuff at 300 dpi and preserve this as a 
> record, but I will generally reduce the resolution to 100dpi fore 
> web publishing to save on bandwidth.

If you are saying that you scan to a PDF then that is entirely 
appropriate if your intention is to produce a small file that a site's
visitors will download and print.

However, in case newcomers are reading, it should be pointed out that 
it is pretty pointless for an image to be displayed on a web page, 
where dpi is completely irrelevant. For screen display all that 
matters are pixels. For that purpose you scale to the desired width 
and height in pixels. Adjusting X or Y resolution (i.e. dpi) is 

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