On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 8:06 PM, Michael Schumacher wrote:

> ... and the contributors to either app would need a legally
> obtainable and usable specification of the file formats.

Reverse-engineering can be done as long as there are:

1) a strong demand for the feature;
2) a developer willing to write actual importing/exporting code for
the end-user app;
3) a user who will interact with the reverse-engineering team.

Personally, I don't expect the core GIMP team to spend their time on
an, IMHO, irrelevant feature when existing importers could do with a
bit of help, not mentioning missing relevant importers.

However, Edward, if you can get Glabels' developer to fit the 2)
requirement, let me know (not that Glabels had a Windows port, mind

Alexandre Prokoudine
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