On 01/17/2013 07:30 PM, Montrosity wrote:
I've never seen a report like this. Are you able to reproduce this?
a new small image, one that could potentially be attached to a bug
Im not sure if I understand what you mean?

If you are not new to GIMP, then please ignore the following. I have not been
able reproduce your problem.

Assuming you are new to GIMP, what I believe Michael meant was this:

Just do what you had done to create a layer group using a simple image,
then save the file. If you started with a brand new .jpg, the fileyou saved will
have the same name but with extension .xcf, and if you reopen the .jpg file
it will be the one with which you started.You would need to open the .xcf file.

However, if you opened the file simple.jpg, did all your work on the layers
in the layer group, and then instead of saving it you clicked on the file 
"Overwrite simple.jpg" the file saved would produce a jpg file with only one
layer. If you then tried to close GIMP, it would post a dialog asking you
"Save the changes to image 'simple.xcf' before closing?" If you thenclicked
on "Close without Saving" because you had overwritten the jpg file, then all
the layers would be lost and you would just have a single layer with all your
changes consolidated.

In that case, there would be no way to recover the individual layers.

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