Rotating An Image Using GIMP 2.8.0. WITHOUT Losing Any Of  The Image:

*** Rotating an image in GIMP is quite simple.  What I had trouble finding
on-line help with, was how to Rotate an image without losing any of it's corners
or other details!  Here is the quick and easy solution that I came up with after
several hours of trying, and one that will leave you with the complete, original
image (No loss of image details).

Read and follow these steps carefully, and what worked for me, will work for

1.  Open the image file into GIMP.
2.  Zoom Out until the image height appears to be about one-third of your
     work space.  
*Clicking on the 'minus' key ( - ) of your keyboard is the fastest way to do
3.  Select Image and then Canvas Size from the top, pull-down menus.
4.  In the resulting 'dialog box',  just below and to the right of where it says
     Canvas Size:
        a.  Click on the two, small 'chain link' icons.
        b.  Click on the little box that has a small, 'down arrow' on it, and 
        c.  Increase the Width and Height to 150%.
        d.  Click on the box about halfway down and to the right side of the
             'dialog box' that says Center.
        e.  Click on Resize.
5.  Select the Rotate Tool from the 'Toolbox-Tool Options' dock.
6.  Click inside the original image.
7.  Rotate the original image from either inside the resulting 'dialog box',
     OR  by clicking/holding and dragging the original image to the desired
8.  Click Rotate, and wait for the original image to rotate.
9.  Select Image and then Fit Canvas to Layers from the top, pull-down
10. Select File and then Export from the top, pull-down menus to complete
      your project, just as you would for any other GIMP 2.8.0.project.

*** The values given in these steps are NOT 'written in stone'...there's nothing
magical about them, but they will give you a place to start from, and do work!

Have Fun!


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