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> Rotating An Image Using GIMP 2.8.0. WITHOUT Losing Any Of  The Image:

> *** Rotating an image in GIMP is quite simple.  What I had trouble finding
> on-line help with, was how to Rotate an image without losing any of it's
> corners or other details!

I don't see what's special to this method that would keep image details that 
may get lost due to resampling.

I'm also not sure how parts of the image have been lost before - the default 
settings of the rotate tool certainly don't do that; the resulting layer can 
extend beyond the canvas size, though.

That would turn the procedure into:

1. Rotate
2. Fit Canvas to Layers 

Now, if the Clipping mode of the tool is set to Clip (or anything other than 
Adjust, actually), then parts of the image are destroyed, and:

0. Set Clipping mode to Adjust

has to be added to the procedure.

Am I missing something?

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