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> You missed only one (very important) detail:  The tool's Overlap setting.

No, I did it at 50% and mentioned that.
>  All pixels with hues falling between a 15° ~ 45° deviation from
> Magenta (a 30° range, or 50% of the 60° between Magenta and its
> neighbors) will receive a variable percentage (100% ~ 0%,
> respectively) of the Magenta channel's adjustment.

Right - but only those pixels - and no, no magenta channel, they get
their hue remapped. You could think of 

I use the tool a lot.

Try it with the "master" colour selected and as you move the Hue slider
you'll see it works just like Colours->Colourise, colouring the entire
image to the hue you select.

With just Magenta and and overlap, it's like doing select by colour in
Hue mode with a broad range, without feathering the selectoin, and then
running colours->colorise on that selection.

Whether it's working as intended is another question, but I get the same
sort of results regardless of which colour range I choose to remap.



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