On 03/03/2013 02:55 PM, Carusoswi wrote:

> Just ran the command.  What do I do next?
> Where should I look in Gimp for this plugin if it is installed and working
> properly?

Try opening a random image.  Make a selection, and go to Filters >
Enhance > Heal Selection.  If this menu entry is present, the GIMP
Plugin Repository installation was successful, and includes the
Resynthesizer plugin.

> After running the command you show below, how do I take advantage of the 
> plugin
> registry?

Actually, you're all done.  The gimp-plugin-repository package
installs many of the most popular and useful plugins from the
Repository in one go.

Fire up Synaptic again, find gimp-plugin-repository, and read the
full description of the package.  This lists what it installed for
you.  The commands to use these thingies and dealie-bobs are in the
GIMP's menus, usually in the places you would expect to find them.



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