Apple's App Store license is incompatible with the GNU GPL (all versions).
Apple would allow the license conflict but a contributor could contest it
and it would be pulled from the app store (much like what happened to VLC
for iPhone).  For now a great graphics program in the App store is Art
Studio for iPad <>.  I've got that
one and found it very easy to use knowing how to use Gimp.

Other than that, I doubt Gimp will ever come to the iOS App Store unless
Apple modifies it's terms to be GNU GPL friendly.  Email Apple about it
with the request.


On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Ryan LaRose <> wrote:

> You guys should develop a Gimp App for Android phone/tablet users as well
> as Iphone/Ipad users. Your app would destroy every single other app out
> there. I can't tell you enough how many of my friends said they wish gimp
> had an app. Thanks.
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